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Rock Coeur - 2012

European Championship Veterinarian Karlsruhe (GER) - 2006

Digne Coeur - the best pictures

European Championship Veterinarian Hickstead (GBR) - 2004

Horse Ridden pain Ethogram (HRpE)

I have been intensely involved in a continuing education course offered by our British colleague and rider Sue Dyson on the use of a Horse Ridden pain Ethogram (HRpE) to differentiate between a lame and a sound horse. This ethogram is based on the presence of 24 possible markers that demonstrate behavioural changes in the area of facial expressions, body drifts and defences that a horse can show us under saddle and at the three basic gaits. These behavioural markers are visible to everyone and are very well defined and above all very reliable. 


I will NEVER look at a horse in the same way again and will use this method in all my lameness examinations. Our credibility as veterinarians and horsemen is at stake, as is the well-being of the horse!

Certificate RACE HRpE Dr Stéphane Montavon DVM -  2021 Zoom « Certificate RACE HRpE Dr Stéphane Montavon DVM -  2021 (ESC key to close)
Certificate RACE HRpE Dr Stéphane Montavon DVM - 2021

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