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Imperium 2017

Diam's de Coeur - 2012

Digne Coeur - Sandra Brunet Montavon - Berner Cup 2002

MET III 2017 - Oliva Spain


Welcome to the page of publications…you will find here the entire scientific published contributions (more than 70 currently) as a main author or as a co-author and this, in multiple domains which touch the equine and sports medicine. You will find for every publication and at the end of quotation a number which corresponds to a Pdf file which delivers you the entire article. They are classified by themes and by language.

I wish you a lot of pleasure during this visit and am naturally very interested in all your remarks. Another detail regarding copyright….all the Pdf files are protected - do not omit to mention your sources if you are inspired by it … all the publications are registered at "Researchgate" and are naturally very quickly recognizable by software of text detection…Also be wise enough !!!

ALOGO MOVE PRO - MDPI Sensors 2023

The Validation of the Alogo Move Pro device - MDPI Sensors


Horse Track - Innosuisse Project - Publication SRMDM - 1-2021

Legal - Certificate of Advanced Studies

Diplom Thesis - IDHEAP - CAS REGS - Montavon Stéphane - 2020


Sedation and Anesthesia in Military Horses and Mules

Swiss Horse Industry Council and Administration

COFICHEV - 3000 Bern

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2010

DOPING CONTROL, Montavon Stéphane, Hermann Marco, Bonnaire Yves, De Moffarts Brieuc

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2011

ANTINFLAMMATORY DRUGS (AID and NSAID), Fürst Anton, De Moffarts Brieuc, Corde Richard

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2012


TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2013

THE NUTRITION IN THE HORSE, Wichert Brigitta, De Moffarts Brieuc, De Rancourt Betrand

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2014

PATHOLOGY OF THE TENDONS IN THE HORSE, Fürst Anton, De Moffarts Brieuc, Schramme Michael

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2015

THE RESPIRATION IN THE HORSE, Hermann Marco, De Moffarts Brieuc, Van Erck Emmanuelle

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2016

ETHICS IN EQUESTRIAN SPORTS, Montavon Stéphane, De Moffarts Brieuc, Akerström Göran

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2017

ANTIBIOTHERAPY IN EQUINE MEDICINE, Heim Dagmar, De Moffarts Brieuc, Picandet Valérie

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2018

THE MODERN FARRIERY, Häberli Bernhard, De Moffarts Brieuc, Chuit Pierre

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2020

Continuing Education didn't take place because of the Pandemic COVID 19

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2022

LE CHEVAL ferré vs non ferré, selles et embouchures - Fürst Anton, Latif Selma, Baudit Mary-Ann, De Moffarts Brieuc, Trolliet Charles

TWYDIL Scientific Equine Clinics 2023

THE ROLE OF THE VETERINARY SURGEON IN CLENTELE - Jean-Yves Gauchot, Claudia Spadavecchia, Brieuc De Moffarts, Corsin Heim, Nayla Stössel

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